Heritier comes from ‘heritage’. The philosophy behind our concept is to carry horology heritage and values to the 21st century and beyond through experimental art forms.

Technology becomes obsolete over time. But not art. We believe the passing on a story must be fun and artistic, and understood at any age. To achieve this, we partnered with brands and watch enthusiasts to source the most accurate anecdotes, values and techniques to create unique experiences and artistic objects that will remain relevant over time.

Our Instagram account is our community where we share, exchange and learn from one another. I invite you to discover more about us, to give us a chance, and to share your feedback. The concept is more than just creating an experience and telling a story. It is to create a knowledgeable community that likes to contribute to our journey.


Words from the founder:

“Coming from an architect and furniture background I was definitely not meant to end up here. And yet here I am. My passion for watchmaking truly changed Heritier’s focus.

I had been collecting watches for a while, but it was in 2018 that my passion stepped into my daily work. I travelled to Switzerland several times to visit artisan watchmakers, and spent the time getting to know the people behind the watches.

I was amazed by their passion and authenticity, but also realised that a lot of traditional techniques are slowly getting lost. From this point on, I knew what Heritier must do”.

Julien Bonzom