Heritier was founded in 2014 by Julien Bonzom. Julien is often described by people as a “couteau Suisse” or the “solution man”. Even more than a designer, creator, innovator, and entrepreneur, he is a man with a vision. 

He grew up in the South of France and studied architecture, art and joinery at the Institute Europeen de Formation des Compagnons du Tour de France (IEF-CTF) – a unique school led by the best French craftsmen.

He participated in several prestigious competitions and won the Meilleur Apprenti de France (MAF; Best Apprentice in France) before his 16th birthday. After his award he was quickly spotted by a world renown company and travelled the world for 4 years, perfecting and learning new skills alongside several different high-end luxury brands.

With his profound respect for tradition and craftsmanship, Julien’s vision is to reinvigorate and rediscover a sense of pride in the history, heritage, and details of centuries ago.

Julien settled in London, UK, and set up his first company as an independent designer for private interior design and bespoke furniture.

His passion rapidly became a success that drove Julien into more and more refined projects and tasks. After almost a decade of dedication to perfection, building relationships, and garnering respect from industry leaders, he founded Heritier with the desire to create the pieces that were stuck in his head but also to collaborate with people who have the same desire for creating. 

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