Julien Bonzom

Our Story

“Because objects and experiences can affect us. Because what we own represents who we are and what we will pass on as our heritage. Because we live in the moment and aspire for the better. Because making art is an interpretation and a dream expression.” – Julien Bonzom

The Studio

Heritier is a multidisciplinary design practice founded by French designer Julien Bonzom.

Julien was born and grew up in the South of France, and studied architecture, art and joinery at the Institute Europeen de Formation des Compagnons du Tour de France (IEF CTF) – a unique school led by the best French craftsmen. Before his 16th birthday, he participated in several prestigious competitions and won the Meilleur Apprenti de France (MAF; Best Apprentice in France). This gave Julien the opportunity to work with some of the best leading brands since a young age and discover the world before he settled in London, UK to start his own practice.

Today, the studio operates at the intersection of multiple disciplines from furniture, horology, art and immersive experience. The studio specialises in design and engineering, as well as manufacturing and precise execution of functional and artistic forms.

Julien leads the studio and continues to be involved in parts of the design process. His passion for creating and competition still drive him today. As well as this, he loves sharing the making journey with clients as part of a talented and ever-growing team. He is in a perpetual search for something different and takes the entire team to the far corners of the world in search for almost forgotten craft techniques or promising young talent. The process of the studios’ work is not simply about creating furniture, clocks and art; it is about creating harmonies of objects that appeal to the senses. For beauty is cultivated from within the process of making itself and its empathy towards people.