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Arachnophobia, a special kinetic sculpture for the people that expect the unexpected … Something unique, something everyone will remember when seeing it on the desk or hang on the wall…

Arachnophobia by L’Epée 1839 for MB&F, is as extreme as they come, but the eye-catching three-dimensional sculpture is also an impeccably finished table (and wall) clock that tells the time using two hands supported by eight legs.

Arachnophobia was inspired by a giant monumental spider sculpture called Maman created by Louise Bourgeois (1911 – 2010), which has been installed around the world.

The body is outfitted with a black dome with white numerals depicting the hours and minutes. The head houses the regulator with its oscillating balance wheel (and a set of jaws in case it gets peckish at night), while the other end contains the mainspring barrel, which powers the movement.

The eight legs are connected to the clock “body” by ball-and-socket joints. By rotating them the legs can be made to go flat, turning them around again allows them to stand up high like the Bourgeois sculpture that inspired them. The front legs can also be made to go flat while the six others maintain the standing position (warning: this position looks a little menacing).

While Arachnophobia is not nearly as large as the sculpture that inspired it – which from a distance does not look dissimilar to something that could have come from War of the Worlds – at 405 mm in diameter with the legs fully extended, or hanging on a wall, it is certainly large enough to make a real impression. Though whether that impression is positive or negative depends on how much you enjoy creepy-crawlies.

  • Hours and minutes: curved hands rotate to indicate hours and minutes on a polished, centraldome featuring MB&F’s signature numerals.
  • L’Epée in-house designed and manufactured movement.
  • Balance frequency: 18,000 bph / 2.5Hz
  • Power reserve: 8 days
  • Total components:218
  • Jewels: 11
  • Incabloc shock protection system
  • Mechanism in palladium-plated brass or gold-plated brass
  • Winding: key winding and setting on underside of clock
  • Movement finishing: includes Côtes de Genève, anglage, polishing,sand-blasting, circular and vertical satin finishing
  • Dimensions: 203 mm in height (legs extended); clock diameter (legs flat) 405 mm; movement dimensions 75.3 x 134.9 x 63.8 mm
  • Weight: gold-plated version 1.96 kg; black version 0.98 kg

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