Le Movement

Heritier broke the rules by releasing  Le Movement: the first art piece shaped like a watch case incorporating practical complications such as a watch winder and a mechanic clock. Its powerful look ushered in a revolutionary avant-garde style, a mix of art and practicality that has since become its trademark.

Designed for watchaholics

Heritier’s challenge was to create a sophisticated and practical piece for those who have a true appreciation of Horology. The philosophy behind Le Movement is about a philosophy of change; a new era of improvement that respects tradition. Le Movement was born after over a year long development process. It is truly a piece to become part of your heritage.

The Blue dial inspired during a trek in Nepal, represents the heights we had to climb to achieve what we do today but most importantly to show that simplicity can be a force.

Hours and minutes displayed
8 Days Power reserve
178 components
H 39cm x W37cm x D180cm
22 jewels
2 Bluetooth watch winder
Options: Design of luxury box, initials engraved

Keep me winded

The key to your watches is the crown

Actioning the crow provokes a rotation of the glass gate, giving access to the watch winders.

Swiss engineered watch winder

  • Technology Bluetooth Ble
  • Phone, table and PC control
  • 4 AA Battery power (2 years of autonomy at 700 turns/days)
  • Battery saver technology
  • Jamming protection
  • Bracelet men & women

This is a Limited edition of 8