K.O Heritier x Onemizer

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K.O, a unique piece. Its powerful look ushered in a revolutionary avant-garde style, a mix of art and practicality that has since become Heritier’s trademark.

Heritier’s team dreams for a world with no violence. In this work, we took an object ordinarily used to break and destroy and transformed its shape into an object that functions to prolong a watch’s life.

We mirrored two knuckles to accommodate the size of the winders spaced by black leather stitches, blended as a shadow. At Heritier we re-envision objects that are originally grounded in industrial and martial contexts into sculptures that add value to aesthetic experience combined with functionality.

Onemizer, brings his unique art style in this one-off collaboration, making it a truly sophisticated and practical piece for those who have a true appreciation of Art and Horology.

Swiss engineered watch winder (APK)

  • Technology Bluetooth Ble
  • Phone, table and PC control
  • 4 AA Battery power(2 years of autonomy at 700 turns/days)
  • Battery saver technology
  • Jamming protection
  • Bracelet men & women
  • Dimensions. 34 x 25 X 8.4 cm
  • Material : Steel / hand painted by Onemizer
  • The piece will be sent to you with a waterproof Pelican case.

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Onemizer spent a period of his childhood in Africa where he discovered art and watercolors. He moved back to France as an adolescent and discovered graffiti in the streets of Paris. The Paris metro and the highways and graffiti along the Parisian freeways were his museums. Later he started to paint in wastelands and in abandoned warehouses and little by little he perfected his technique. After high school, he enrolled to study art in a design school, but decided to continue teaching himself. Little by little, he started to paint on canvas, and to show his work in luxury hotels, restaurants or bars.

Onemizer held his first exhibitions in Bordeaux and Paris. He has come a long way since the debut of his career. Today his work is shown in numerous international galleries: Paris, Courchevel ,Megève,Cannes , Singapore, Honfleur , London, Bordeaux, Hossegor , Go Gallery in Amsterdam, Street Art Gallery in Dubai, Barbizon. He worked with one hundred other international artists to produce the biggest graffiti on canvas in Dubai in November 2014, which has been validated and will appear in the Guinness Book.

He takes inspiration from the classic pop artists such as Basquiat and Warhol, from his day to day life and his surroundings, and from the street art scene. He likes to work on lettering, to revisit portraits of personalities or objects that have marked history or his personal story.