RIVA Aquarama

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The Riva brand was created by Carlo Riva at the beginning of 1950s to compete the American brand Chris-Craft which reigned in the field for years in 1930.

Riva built his last canoe in wood in 1996. The Riva Aquarama is the most luxurious motorboat built by the Italian shipyard.

This representation is by the talented French sculptor Antoine Dufilho. Dufilho merges his passion for cars with principles from his studies in medicine and architecture, creating modern sculptures accentuating the classic curves of coveted automobiles but not only!

This is a limited edition of 8 composed by a succession polish inox, stainless steel and acajou. Antoine uses different technique by incorporating longitudinal metal parts with protrusion of the model, such as daggerboards or especially baleen of a whale.

Metaphor of lightness of a whale in the water: the positioning of the model is asymmetrical in space in relation to its base, both prancing, leaning to the side and offset from the axis of the base, as if accelerating, taking a full force wave. The reflection of the lower part of the model in the polished plinth is essential in order to exhibit its silvery “baleen”.

Materials: polished inox, aluminium anodised & acajou.

  • Limited edition of 8
  • 76cm x 33cm x 22cm
  • Assembled by hand in France

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After studying architecture and medicine, Antoine Dufilho’s passion for art and automobiles led him to an enterprising new career in sculpture. He is surrounded by a close family full of diverse and creative talents such as architecture, painting, and sculpting. His father is a surgeon and his great uncle is Jacques Dufilho, a famous French comedian and producer. “During my childhood, the summers at my grandfather’s house were largely devoted to making sculptures from clay harvested from the dread of his farm,” remembers Dufilho. It is not surprising Dufilho eventually found his knack in art.

In the same way his adoration for automobiles stems from family: “I come from a family of car lovers, starting with my grandfather and my great-uncle – an owner of a Bugatti Grand Prix – who passed on their love of automobiles to my father, a collector himself, he naturally transmitted the same passion to me.”

Dufilho created his first work, a rendition of the Bugatti Grand Prix, for his father’s birthday, in turn, opening many doors in the world of art and sculpture to him. Today his work can be found at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Dufilho approaches it all in modesty: “My goal is not to work on a single subject, especially since I am still in the process of experimenting and discovering what can exist and be done.” His biggest challenge is in front of him; an ambitious project to construct a Bugatti Atlantic with aluminium plates to the exact size as the original.