A passion that became expertise

Award-winning design studio specialised in cutting edge product design, mechanical art & quality accessories with the mission to preserve craftmanship heritage.

Our Story

Heritier was founded by Julien Bonzom, inspired by his background in architecture & furniture. But a growing passion for mechanical objects, art and product design soon became a focus of dedicated work. Over the years our passion became our expertise, working alongside forward-thinking brands and start-ups to create innovative objects.


We chose the hardest route: to start from scratch, to assemble our team members one by one in alignment with our vision and values. We build lasting relationships based on trust, transparency and open exchange at every stage of the design process. We believe every project is unique and deserves the same level of attention to detail and consistency.

Translating a brand’s identity language and story into a product is a crucial phase that should not be skipped. Correct brand immersion, first collaborative creation and consumer workshops are other key phases to a successful design and development process.


Collaborative brief creation
Brand immersion
Consumer workshop
Design language

Define & Refine

Once our clients have selected the design concept they wish to move forward with, we proceed with our rigorous development process to refine the concept. Our product team uses software tools to create multiple iterations of the design to refine the form, the function and to develop photorealistic visuals. The Heritier engineers team works hand-in-hand with trusted suppliers to ensure physical robustness and appropriate manufacturing approach.

We also partner with leading workshops around the world to create sophisticated appearance models for market research and exhibitions.


Photorealistic visualisation
Materials, colours & finishes
Functional mock-up
Mechanical engineering

Deliver & Connect

Our delivery is tailored to our clients’ needs. After the refine stage, we can connect you to our manufacturer partners, work with your current manufacturer or manage the entire process until the product launch stage.

During a product launch, we can create communication strategies across print and digital platforms, produce installations for exhibitions and events, as well as art direction and animation.


Design for manufacture
Supplier sourcing
Quality control
Art direction and communication strategy

Forward-Thinking Brands & Artists

Forward-thinking brands & artists from around the world partner with us to create products and experiences


Can you translate a design brief in a day?

In a day we could sketch a visual idea for a meeting but not an entire approach creation.

We are a start-up with no budget?

We have worked with several start-ups in the past. Depending on the concept, we are always happy to consider collaborative project work to reduce the design cost and maximise the opportunity to succeed.

How much does it cost?

Every project is different in their complexity and target achievement. Every project starts by a collaborative design brief where we evaluate the cost per stage.

How long does it take?

It can take between few months to up to 2 to 3 years of design and developing, depending on the complexity of the project.