Welcome to a Parallel World

While many see the unlimited potential of the future, only few look at the possibilities of today. Heritier’s mission is to enrich the fine craftsmanship and technique of the past with a vision of the future and create works of art designed to become part of tomorrow’s heritage.

Heritier was founded in 2014 by Julien Bonzom , but it was in 2019 when we launched The Collection and Friends & Partners Community that everything shaped together into what we are today. Heritier makes it possible to connect clients, artists, designers and developers through word of mouth recommendations within a select community built of transparency and trust.

In 2020 we are planning to deliver many new collaborations with artists, designers and well established brands. Heritier invites all of you, big or small, to get in touch if you wish to be a part of a new project.


You have already seen our work, but you would like something else. Something unique that reflects your personality or brand vision.

As well as designers and engineers most of our team members have a craft or artistic backgrounds. This means we have a wide range of expertise in design and making, expanding the possibilities of what we can achieve. We are always committed to realising our clients’ vision.

As a client you will be involved throughout the process of design and making, including experiencing “behind the scenes” of the making. Weather you are interested in working in partnership with us or wish us to realise your vision under your name, the process will be the same:

  • Sketching the brief
  • Agreeing the detailing & finishes with cost and lead time projections
  • Technical drawing(s)
  • First prototype (if necessary) and review of costing and lead time
  • Production (each step can be reviewed with clients by visiting the manufacturer(s)
  • Project delivery